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Huron Woods Development Corporation is an innovator in land development.
Before the popularity of public/private partnerships, the company twice entered into agreements with the City of Kitchener to extend roads and service industrial lots in the Huron Industrial Park. The developer invested money to service the lots and build municipal roads and infrastructure. At the time, financing for servicing of industrial sub divisions was not existent, especially without substantial presale of lots. Huron Woods Development Corporation entered into an agreement with the City of Kitchener whereby Huron Woods would market and use its best efforts to sell the lots. The city guaranteed to acquire a predetermined amount of acreage if the developer did not sell the lots to a third party. In both cases, most of the land was sold, and the City had to purchase only a small fraction of their original commitment. The lots were sold, the road was built, new businesses opened in the Huron Industrial Park. It was a successful partnership.
Huron Woods Development Corporation provides development opportunities for the related companies of Blue Top Properties Inc. and Wolynetz Investments.